About Us


Monty nursery started in Ostrava on September 1, 2005, and the in Prague on August 1 2007 and was met with very positive response.

The main principle of Monty is to provide adequate individualized care from native British English speakers. Native English speakers provide the best language training.

Monty started in 2007 runs till children are ready for elementary school. Monty school which began its operations in September of 2008 in Ostrava provide courses for the public. Then in 2010 Monty began collaborating with the elementary school Filosofska, this guarentees continued English classes. We focus on individual or small group instruction which proves to be the most effective. We also have much success when students take the prestigious Cambridge exams.

Monty strives to be a modern progressive system of education at the highest European level. It serves children from ages 1 to 15 years of age.