About Us


The bilingual Monty kindergarten project was launched in Prague on August 1, 2007. Since then, we have guided many children through their early childhood and encountered numerous interesting personalities, parents, and teachers. We have organized countless birthdays, outings, nature-based kindergarten activities, overnight stays at the kindergarten, and Monty Shows. We have witnessed the arrivals of siblings.

The first Monty children are now in high schools and preparing for university, and we are still in touch with most of them. We are pleased that for so many years, we have been successful in providing and imparting to children what we consider the most important: guiding them towards constant activity, self-confident expression, decisiveness, humility, tolerance, and a desire for knowledge.

Among the main principles of Monty, from the very beginning, are pronounced individualized care and English-language teaching. All of this set within the beautiful and harmonious environment of the Hodkovičky Forest Park.

Our vision is clear: to reinvest the funds obtained back into the kindergarten, modernize, educate ourselves, and pass on our experiences.

In 2021, the reconstruction of the kitchen and dining area took place. In 2023, we renovated the changing room and the lower playroom.

Furthermore, we are planning the renewal of certain parts of the school garden, aiming to have a garden in a natural style.

Thanks to projects such as "Templates," we have access to 20 tablets that we fully utilize in teaching.

We also strive for the well-being of our teachers, who have the opportunity to attend mental therapy sessions. We are confident that only a balanced and well-aligned educator, working in a harmonious team and environment, is capable of delivering the best to the children.

We cooperate with the Secondary Pedagogical School - providing practice opportunities, as well as with the Meta company, which focuses on children with a different native language (DNL) - we conduct seminars on how to work with DNL children in kindergarten.