Sporty versatility


Sporty versatility

The goal of the club is to develop in every child its natural need to move and sport. The club is suitable for children who have, as they say, a lot of energy and need to naturally discharge. For children who have not yet chosen a one-sided sporting focus. Our goal is for children to have a good base for more sports.
In the future, they can then choose which sport is most enjoyable, and perhaps later on, more.

By focusing on developing physical fitness, dexterity, mobility and teamwork. Introducing and practicing collective games (handball, basketball, football, etc.).
Activities with sports equipment (balls, hoops, rope, skating ropes) and gymnastic tools.

We also help children to find advice in more challenging situations. Relaxation methods (yoga and mediation) support calmness, balance and ability to make the right decision at the right time.


Monday 3pm - 4 pm: English. Price for external bidders 2500 CZK/half year.