Summer School


Summer School

Monty School is open all summer.

Lots of trips, interesting activities, knowledge, and experiments - we do not bore in kindergarten and we'll learn a lot! In the morning you will bring the children and take the afternoon. We are open from 8 am to 5 pm, All in a safe environment of the Monty School.

Just select a week, send the application here and we will send you more detailed information.

16. 7.  - 20. 7 Tour Guide

A trip to Petřín – whole day, a trip to Prague Castle and gardens, a trip to Lanový park „Kroužky na Vltavě“ etc.

23. 7. -27. 7. Outdoor Art

Draw the upper pond with watercolors, draw the meadow dry pastels and crayons, coloring on stones, collage from natural material – sticks, leaves, moss, stones…

30. 7. - 3. 8. Cyclo week

Nearby Monty on a cyclo-playground. Rules for bicycles and pedestrians, lights – yellow, orange and green – POEM – Co uděláš na červenou, když se auta kolem ženou? helmets, always check your bike for safety…

6. 8. - 10. 8. Visit Hogwarts-school of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Every day solve one CASE. There is every day one mystery – we will write it for them-, children will find some clue like a fur from some animal. They will investigate to get another clue-puzzle-they can find a message about some specific smell etc.

27. 8. - 31. 8. Journalist

To investigate something, plus reading books, newspaper, magazines, talk about what we read in the past. Talk about favorite characters from our book, describe these. We can also make a role-play to enjoy more these books. Talk about rules in the library, how to treat books etc.