Language courses

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Language courses

We offer quality language courses to the public from Native English and Czech teachers. Courses coincide with the Cambridge Exam and the British Council. Monty School provides its graduates ages 6-15 years English lessons at Filosofská Elementary School. Children can attend the conversational classes with a native English speaker who is part of the Monty team. For children who cannot attend those courses an alternative course is offered.

All courses are with a regular English speaker, and it allows children to practice correct pronunciation and conversational skills. Teachers have constant communication with parents about the past lesson, links, and helpful tips.

We use an interactive whiteboard, PC, quality tables, and chairs and for the younger child an area rug. We believe that students need a pleasant environment to learn and perform to the best of their ability. The main objective is to create a positive attitude to learning a foreign language and to be able to communicate in simple situations. Children learn with the help of games, songs, and activities. Learning a foreign language quickly becomes natural and a part of their daily lives.

We let you choose your child teacher, you can choose English and Czech or one or the other. We also offer the opportunity to switch if need be.