Monty World


At MONTY, we don't pamper children, but employ their heads and bodies to learn many times more than anywhere else, while considering kindergarten as their second family! We focus on simultaneous bilingualism, where a child learns both languages at the same time, and has had contact with both of them since early childhood.

The Monty School Prague kindergarten is registered in the school register and situated in the beautiful surroundings of the Hodkovičky district of Prague.

Children grow up in a multicultural environment. Children are not strictly divided according to age, but rather on the basis of their knowledge and abilities. Children are cared for by native English speakers as well as Czech teachers from both men and women. We consider experiential learning with a varied offer of stimuli for learning and the joy of it to be essential. The basic method of our work is a game, which means learning, communicating, imagining, cooperating, creating, being happy, being free, amazing, growing but also having time. We work with everyone according to their pace and possibilities.

We see the benefits of bilingual education when the child speaks one language, as if he had an answer in another in his head. He has to evaluate at any moment how his partner is talking in the conversation. This is a good training for the brain, thanks to which children have more creative thinking and are more sensitive in communication. From an early age, they know that this does not have to be just a "table", but also a "tisch" or a "table", so they do not box so much and tend to be more open. As a rule, bilingual children can also think better about the nature and function of the language and learn more language more easily.

1) Advantages of communication:
- wider communication field (extended family, community, international connections, employment).
- literacy in two languages.

2) Cultural benefits:
- deeper multiculturalism, bilingual experience of the world.
- greater tolerance towards minorities, less inclination towards racism.

3) Development of cognitive skills:
- development of thinking, creativity, sensitivity in communication.

4) Personal development:
- strengthening self-esteem, self-confidence.
- secure identity.

5) Benefits in the field of education:
- the growing possibility of achieving higher education.
- easier learning a third language.

6) Economic benefits:
- wider possibility of employment in various occupations

We offer parents and children to take an active part in creating the school program. Our goal is to educate the child together with the parents satisfied, independent, ready for life. Individual areas of education are distinguished on the basis of relationships that the child gradually builds to himself, to other people, and to the world around him. These areas permeate the integrated blocks, are interconnected, interact and form a whole. They reflect the child's development, natural life, health, and learning.

For five-year-old children (children with compulsory school attendance), Monty's educational concept includes Czech and English pre-school preparation, the so-called "Zero Year". Children are well prepared to succeed in enrollment in Czech and international primary schools! The kindergarten can also be completed with the prestigious Cambridge exams.

The follow-up to the primary school is recommended at the Wonderland Academy primary school, with which the Monty Praha kindergarten has been cooperating for a long time.

What makes MONTY kindergarten special? Monty offers more, Monty gives the lead!

In addition to teaching English, our strong point is also above-standard communication with parents, a friendly approach and an effort to find the best solution in all situations.