Language courses

Language courses in the "Monty" school. The courses are offered one time a week. The courses focus on conversational English where children can practice their conversational English skills in a playful setting. There can be up to ten children in the class. The class begins with a focus on a 20-minute repetetion style warm up, drama excersise followed by 40 minutes of the core lesson. This lesson is adapter from the Family and Friends book series. This series uses a variety of techniques such as pictures, dramas, stories. Students then participate in a relaxing break after 40 minutes which is developmentally appropriate for children under the age of 10. During the break, children can enjoy their snack, play card games, or play freely. The last 30 minutes is free to practice focusing on practicing the new material that was introduced during the lesson.

Fee: 650 CZK per month (9 months, October to June)

The school year 2018/2019 opens:


2 pm to 3 pm older group from 9 to 12 years old
3 pm to 4 pm younger group 6 - 8 years

Upon agreement, it is possible to bring children to our minibus from the nearest elementary schools (Filosofská, Jitřní, Jílovská).