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Monty School Prague

Monty kindergarten is a bilingual school. We accept all students from around the World. Children grow and learn in an International Multicultural environment. The billingual environement helps children learn english naurally from a native speaker.


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Monty for foreigners

We can arrange all administration for children and their parents from abroad. All children are evaluated in English and comparable to any other educational system.

Monty offers special services (babysitting, nursery, preschool) for children from 1 to 6 years old. Native speakers are teaching all the time.

For further informations contact us on:

+420 731 490 760, praha@montyskolka.cz

Enrollment in the school year 2017/2018

Applications can be picked up from the 3rd through 4th of May in the Monty nusery or upon request can be emailed. You can turn in your application on the day of enrollment, to Monty on the 10-11th of May from 13.00 to 17.00. It is also possible to register during the school year. For more information please contact Mgr. Regína Ouhledová 737979007.

What iterests you

Preparatory year

Preschool preparation is for children who will attend elementary school the following year or for child who qualify for gifted educational services.

Childrens Yoga

Yoga gives children as well as adults greater flexibility, mobility, muscle strength, better posture and improves coordination and sense of posture. Yoga for children is a modified version, we do not stay in uncomfortable positions for too long, and base the class around a game.

Dencing and Singing

Children who participate in singing and dancing club develop an ear for music, correct pronunciation, and intonation skills. We practice children, folk, and pop songs. The singing is accompianed by playing simple instruments such as the piano or kind are dancing.


Children learn to prepare more or less challenging dishes, eat together and plan meals.

They learn to buy food associated with cooking and learn the financial costs of buying food. Cooking groups with boys and girls are very popular, and we have the opportunity to gain practical experience, and excersise creativity in cooking which can lead to valuable lifeskills.

Together we form a cookbook with our recipes. The club also focuses on proper etiquette.


Discovering and exploring the world around us is the basis for self defense.


Seminars are offered to parents who would like to motivate and start teaching their children English.

Enrollment for the School Year 2018/2019

The government introduced amendment to the Eductional Act that students will attend a compulsory year of preschool education before starting the 2018/2019 school year.

Complusory preschool attendance applies to children who are five years of age before the start of the school year with exception of students with profound mental disabilities.

Monty Fashion

At Monty we do not force families to buy expensive uniforms. We have uniforms availble upon request for field trips and outings.

Teachers are wearing the same dress-code.


Infant - school

Monty Bilingual School is situated in the beautiful Prague neighborhood Hodkovičky. Children learn in a multicultural environment and are not strictly divided by age but by ability and skill level. Native English and Czech teachers take very good care of Monty children. Children learn in a natural environment that provides many wonderful incentives. The basic method of our work uses means of communication, visualization, collaboration, and creation. We ensure happiness, and work with each child according to their pace, and skill level.

Speech Therapy

More and more children have to seek out speech therapy. It is highly recommended for children learning more than one language to have speech therapy at minimum level supervision. A clinical speech therapist supervises developmental pronunciation and speech development, and conducts speech therapy once a week.