School education program 2018/2019 "In Captivity of Colors"


School education program 2018/2019 "In Captivity of Colors"

Monty´s education motto is "We give children a head start".

We give children a head start by teaching them to speak English, to think in context, to form and make decisions, teach them independence, to have respect for others, show courtesy, and have the desire to explore and to discover the world. At Monty, kids are happy and motivated.

For the school year 2018/2019, the school educational program has the motivational title "In Captivity of Colors".



The motivational title of the school curriculum clearly indicates the focus of the program on the colors that surround us daily to develop the child as part of the world in which we live and which is an integral part of it. We will examine the effect of colors on humans. For example, a variety of shades that can affect everyone differently, how colors affect our behavior, mood making, and even shopping. We uncover the mystery of the symbolism of colors. Colors will be intertwined in all areas of the educational process. Class education is divided into thematic areas according to selected colors. These colors serve us as a source of backgrounds for day-to-day activities-the children explore the emotions and feelings of the colors they create, observe their surroundings, which colors they are surrounded by, and look for what jobs or foods are typical for the color. Colors help children to develop their listening abilities, but also to develop language and thought, memory and imagination, to enrich their knowledge, to familiarize themselves with certain patterns of behavior - whether positive or negative - and, last but not least, to enhance their self-esteem.

We will also look for colors in architecture, semi-precious stones and crystals from which children will make their own bracelet, which will be a year project, and then the children will take these bracelets home at the end of the school year. Reading tales and telling children the stories are one of the pillars of their emotional, moral and intellectual development. We consider essential learning experience with a wide range of learning and joyful experiences. The basic method of our work is to play, to learn, to communicate, to imagine,  to cooperate, to create, to be happy, to be free, to be amazed, to grow but also to have time. The different areas of education are differentiated on the basis of the relationships that the child gradually creates towards himself, to other people and to the outside world. These areas are permeated by integrated blocks, interconnected, interacting and creating together. Reflect child development, natural life, health, and learning.

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