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14 main criterion that can help you decide whether to enroll your child in Monty's bilingual school in Prague. These points result from our years of experience in working with children.

You decide on serious things, you decide on the future of your children. Monty will not let you down!

1. Teachers - Most importantly, give children time, take care of them, teach and educate them. Take an interest in their education and experience. Good teachers should have at least five years of working with children. In a top nursery school, a university teacher must be educated, creative, representative, full of performance and strength and have a  good salary.

2. English - You know it's a true English school when there are full-time native speakers teaching every day, perhaps with Czech colleagues. Even the best Czech teacher does not teach children to really talk, little children always know that they can speak with her in Czech and not English and lose motivation. In the English language school, they do not teach English, but they speak it. You are interested in methodological plans and educational programs, there is no universal instruction for language teaching. Complete sets should only serve as a support for the educational plan, and not as their basis. Ask for a regular child assessment, expect results! The fact that children have English poems, greet and appoint colors, is cute but practically does not mean anything. Children should understand a native speaker after one year of regular attendance and speak after two years.

3. Environment - Each kindergarten must have a sufficiently spacious and safe garden. Completely unsatisfactory are the rebuilt apartments, which need to be on public playgrounds nearby. Nor is the building of "classical" nursery in the middle of a panel housing estate for 40 or more children suitable for individual work with children. Explore the environment in which children will feel at home. The nursery should be in a safe environment where parents will not have to let the children go for a walk around. Neglected panel housing estates are not aesthetically motivating for children, not to mention the possible social problems.

4. Number of children and teachers - a private kindergarten should not have a capacity of more than 20 children in order to provide sufficient care for children. With each additional child, the ability to give each parent and child the same amount of time is greatly reduced. Look for perfect information for your money. If it is important for the child to really learn something, one teacher should not spend more than six children at most. Consider that the resources embedded in a service that does not meet these criteria is worth it and it is no better to send the child to ordinary public schools. Children must be divided into age groups. Do not believe the words about the mutual positive influence of older and younger children. It's just an alibi for a low number of kids in a nursery. In age-mixed groups, even the best teacher is not able to teach children what you pay for.

5. Continuity - the child becomes accustomed to a friendly, family environment and after three years he leaves for a state elementary school where he becomes part of the anonymous mass. His habits and knowledge of English gained in kindergarten are completely forgotten over the next three years, and so the money put into the studio in an expensive private kindergarten can be considered to be thrown out of the window. Three years in the kindergarten run like water, so when you get to kindergarten or crèche, ask what further the options for continuing the chosen education system. Ideal is direct continuity in the elementary school of the same founder, where your child meets not only your kindergarten buddies but will also work according to similar methodologies, so they learn everything better and better. The follow-up system looks like the following: nursery-nursery-primary school. Gymnasium may no longer be part of this system because children's interests and personalities are so strong at this time that children are likely to prefer races in different schools where they should apply the habits and skills acquired and satisfied in their early childhood.

6. Safety - the quality of kindergarten is a matter of constant supervision of the responsible persons over the children. It is related to the number of children and teachers. Qualification and personality maturity of staff are also important. Also, the building, utilities, the garden, and the neighborhood of the kindergarten should have a high standard of safety and privacy.

7. Health - in good school age, children's health workers do not leave healthy children of sick children. This is the only way to prevent the spread of viral and other diseases. Top nurseries have health care provided directly for their own children by their own physician or medical practitioner. Provision of first aid should be ensured, for example, by qualified nurses working in nurseries and nurseries.

8. In the afternoon - if you pay for school attendance, expect high-quality child use at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and not just babysitting. The best nurseries offer a varied range of rings to choose from. However, consider the suitability of the selected rings. Golf and tennis individually will surely be better to teach that in a group of other children. Foreign languages should be taught by native speakers again. At the ZOO and the puppet theater you probably go with your children, so expect a nursery offer that will be really interesting.

9. Excursions - Take a look at the possibility of excursions outside the kindergarten. Children need to change their environment at times. Ideal, for example, is the ski course, during the summer stay in the mountains or by the sea. Children learn autonomy and build strong social ties.

10. Services - Not all the services provided by the kindergarten will really be used. The school is not a hotel, so consider whether you really need all the services in the tuition fee and whether this offer is at all workable and it's not just a cheap marketing trick. All preschool services should be optional and individualized.

11. Communication - ask for all the information about teachers, and school activities, do not be afraid to criticize if you do not like something. Staff must always be ready to smile and respond calmly. You are a parent and you entrust your child to strange hands, so be concerned about everything. Just get the confidence about the nursery and you'll be happy. The owner of a private kindergarten should always be available to you because you sign a contract with him and he is responsible for all the operation of the facility. In recent years, it has become more and more common that kindergartens are set up as "projects" to "clear" money from another business or as a means of obtaining European subsidies. Such kindergartens have a limited life, and their owners probably will not care about your child and his worries, but rather his own business. That is why you are concerned about the salary conditions of your teachers. For below-average wages, you can not expect the teacher to do anything for your child. Meet personally with the owner to find out the history of the business and the content of the business. Just see how much he cares about your kids seriously.

12. Views - You will often be struggling with the negative attitude of your relatives, friends, and colleagues towards a private English kindergarten. If you are bothered by these attitudes, we offer several arguments to easily turn your fears:

- The child can easily learn any foreign language just at this ideal preschool age. He may not be fluent in Czech. Evidence is bilingual marriages in which children also do not suffer. Their brains are ready to learn. It's a shame to let him lie naked.

- yes, it's expensive. Although the state nursery school costs a few hundred a months, it works much the same way as your childhood or even the parenthood of your parents. Education is similar to sports. To reach the top level, you need to start early and as soon as possible to gain a head start that can be harnessed in the adult life for the benefit of both you and your entire society. We also want our children to be able to travel and live anywhere in the world without problems. How much does a new car cost? And how much do you sell it when it lasts? Is it well spent money? Is it not wiser to invest money in children for their future?

- no, in a good kindergarten, kids do not really do what they want just because their parents pay. It is logical that successful and demanding parents expect top services and results. A quality kindergarten needs to stop this pressure and expectations.

 - No, dear kindergarten is not just for show. In the developed world, it is quite common that high-quality education is valid and many people can forgive other, less important expenses.

- You are not a bad parent if you write your child to a nursery or kindergarten. You may be surprised how well your baby will feel if he is not spending time with you alone.

13. State oversight - it is certainly good for your peace of mind that the kindergarten is registered in the register of schools of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. This is the only way to guarantee at least minimal control of the FEPs' fulfillment, ie the basics of what the child should manage before entering the primary school. But it is just a compulsory basis, which also applies to all state nurseries. You surely want a lot more. Most private nurseries are registered for the purpose of receiving state subsidies and not for the fulfillment of the state FEP. Therefore, you will always want to see the SEP (school education program) and try to evaluate its quality.

14. Price - the most important indicator for most parents. But here is the true truth that you are not so wealthy that you can afford to spend a cheap kindergarten. What's important is what you get for your money, how many lessons, the level of care, the quality of teachers, services, food, and so on. The top private and English kindergarten is not cheap, but if you choose to do it, do not try to save at all costs. Everyday attendance of children is meaningful, just investing money meaningfully. The child goes to the nursery to learn how to live with other people than with his parents by learning English and much more. It will get you your first buddies and you should depend on who it is. All of this, of course, predetermines the prize for the kindergarten. In this case, it certainly does not mean better, but paradoxically a groove, because if you are choosing a kindergarten-only according to the tuition fee, you will probably spend your money and you will not get the desired value for them. Then it is better to send the children to a regular kindergarten. You also have the right to claim a tuition fee. It can happen that after a year the tuition fee will increase significantly and you will have to deal with the transfer of the child elsewhere.