Monty World


Children at the kindergarten are provided with truly healthy food in the form of organic products, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and high-quality products from local farmers.

Sweets are replaced with alternatives like unsulfured dried fruits. We make our own homemade muesli sweetened with quality chocolate, bake our own bread, and use butter rather than margarine.

Lunches are delivered by the company This company, along with Mr. Vondráček himself, ensures the quality of both preparation and meat on a daily basis. They prioritize homemade ingredients and high-quality foods.

Morning and afternoon snacks are served in a buffet style, where children can choose from a variety of pastries (savory, sweet), spreads (butter, spreads), ham, cheese, fresh fruits, and vegetables (according to the season).

We draw great inspiration from PharmDr. Margrit Slimáková and her healthy cuisine.

We do not favor any specific diet; we eat healthily from quality local and seasonal foods. We adhere to the theory that the basis of a healthy diet and a means to optimal weight is quality natural food.

As part of our educational program, we regularly organize workshops focused on proper nutrition. We learn about the body and its functioning, and children make their own snacks, allowing them to practically experience how good and easily preparable nutritious options can be.