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English courses

Quality English courses for the general public with native speakers and Czech teachers. Courses at all levels are completed by the Cambridge exams in collaboration with the British Council. Children can attend afternoon conversation courses with native speakers at Monty Kindergarten.

For preschool children, we recommend choosing the daily program of Monty kindergarten. We believe that one of the most important factors for language learning is to start as soon as possible. It is ideal to start with foreign language teaching between the 2nd and 3rd year.
At this age, children have the ability to learn a foreign language as quickly and in the same way as they learn their mother tongue. We emphasize practical English, understanding and communication. If it is not possible to attend kindergarten in the daily program, we will prepare a course according to the individual needs of the applicant.

All courses are regularly attended by a native speaker who pays attention to correct pronunciation. This allows children to experience the real conversation. After each lesson, we inform parents by e-mail about the content of the lesson, we attach songs, scanned materials, and links to used websites.

Teaching takes place in the building of the Monty School Prague kindergarten. It includes an interactive whiteboard, PC, quality tables and chairs adapted to the age of the children, of course, there is a nice carpet, which is used mainly by younger children. Even a pleasant environment can motivate better performance. The main goal of the course is to form a positive attitude towards a foreign language and to acquire foreign-language expressions and connections in simple situations. Children learn through games, songs and activities that they enjoy. Teaching a foreign language is problem-free for a child. Children learn the basics very quickly and a foreign language becomes a natural part of their lives.

We give you the opportunity to choose a tutor to suit your child as best as possible. You can choose both from native speakers and between Czech lecturers, or a combination of a native speaker and a Czech lecturer. Free sample lessons.

Price: 400,- Kč per hour.