Preschool preparation


Preschool preparation

The preschool club is most often divided into blocks, each of which lasts 20-25 minutes. Within them, we practice fine motor skills, visual and auditory perception, attention and memory, thinking and numerical relationships, school readiness in general. Emphasis is placed on the pre-reading period of introductory reading, where we draw on the SFUMATO fluent reading methodology. Through continuous reading, we teach children the correct eye movements, thereby preventing developmental disorders, especially dyslexia. We develop pre-mathematical thinking using the HEJNÉHO method.

Teaching takes place in a specially adapted classroom with an interactive whiteboard.


General goals and benefits of our preschool education system:

Pupils are proud to go to school, which makes it easier for them to understand and adopt important habits, rules, ways of working at school.

Recognizing school maturity is easy, so we can responsibly recommend even younger children with physical disabilities to enroll or recommend a postponement for those for whom it will be advantageous to wait another year.

When entering school, pupils already know the school environment, know what is expected of them, have basic knowledge of reading, writing, and numeracy, and therefore do not experience the stress associated with the transition from kindergarten to school, and at the same time they can progress faster than usual.
External interested parties can visit this club for CZK 3,200/semester. Twice a week from 9:30 to 11:00.

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