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Monty team

The teachers are the most important part of the Monty team. The teachers spend the majority of the time with the children, taking care of educating them. Teachers are selected carefully and most have two years of teaching experience, an university degree. Furthermore we require that aur teachers are engergetic, creative, and full of vigor. Owners are always available if needed. We keep parents and children informed on all events that are part of the educational process. Czech teachers are very important to the team as well, and native English speakers are hired for at least one school year.

MARTIN OUHLEDA - Founder and Chief Financial Officer  

Martin started his career in an early childhood education as a special education teacher; he then worked as an assistant professor of a childhood center in Christchurch, New Zealand. During his time in New Zealand, he gained valuable experience teaching English and working with children. In addition to his duties at Monty, he is a ski and snowboarding instructor. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, kiteboarding, and spending time with his wife and daughters. 

Mgr. REGÍNA OUHLEDOVÁ - Director, Expert Guarantor, BIG Group Teacher

Regina graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy with a degree in Linguistics. She also studied in Ostrava studying the development of kindergartens and schools and completed her studies at the School of Management UK. She is trained in the Family Learn English Project and is equipped to teach fluent reading methods. Before Monty Regina worked as a commercial director for a commercial radio company, and as a project manager for a nonprofit organization. Together she and Martin have two daughters.

TEREZIE KODETOVÁ - Deputy Director, Administrative support

Terezie studied the Czech language and social sciences, but it drew her to the administrative sector more than to teach. In the kindergarten, he is in charge of handling correspondence, communication with parents and suppliers, and prepares documents for projects. She likes to create reports and especially tables.


His British education and artistic talent led him to Prague, where he graduated from the College of Applied Arts. Own certificates for children's education focused on the diversity of educational practices and an unusual artistic view of the world. Nice, and friendly, and the children love him.

Bc. Lucie Pavlíková - Head Teacher of the LITTLE Group

She was born and raised in Michigan, USA, and has been living in Prague for the past 14 years. She is fluent in both Czech and English - bilingual. She studied Preschool Education at the Faculty of Education, Charles University, with a focus on music education. Currently, she is enrolled in a follow-up master's program specializing in early childhood education and care (Preschool Education). She is a highly creative individual, excelling in painting, creating her own illustrations, and playing the piano magnificently. Her warm smile and calm nature provide the youngest children with a sense of acceptance and comfort.

DiS. DiS. Aneta Šorfová - Teacher of the LITTLE Group

She graduated in Preschool and Extracurricular Pedagogy and speaks English fluently. Aneta is an active athlete, primarily guiding the children at Monty towards healthy movement and a love for sports.

Mgr. HANKA MANKOVÁ Speech Therapist 

Hanka’s cooperation with the preschool throughout the years has been an integral part of Monty. She provides speech therapy individually to children once a week, supervises the correct pronunciation of children, and collaborates with teachers on how to implement the daily practice. 

Ing. LUCIE MATUŠTÍKOVÁ - Mental therapist for the employees

Mrs. Lucie coming once a month and is dedicated to employees and nurseries who undergo mental training. We are confident that only a balanced and well-tuned teacher working in a harmonious team and environment is able to pass on the best to the children!