Monty Nursery and Preschool are available to children as early as 2 to 6 (7) years old.

After you contact us to make a non-obligatory meeting we discuss your personal needs for your child at Monty then we discuss an oral agreement and begin to plan a concrete offer. We then make a written contract which will not be active until you sign the contract, and the first payment is made after the first month and we also include a free day trial. After the first month, we can extend or modify the contract based on your satisfaction.

Free transportation via MONTY bus is available within 3 KM and sibling and group discounts are available.

Under the agreement, we can offer you a price based on individual days or combined. We reserve the right to not open the preschool if less than three children are in attendance.

A 5- 7% discount is offered for those who pay for the full semester or academic year.

 The price for 1 day, when staying at any time from 7.30 am to 5 pm, is 900 CZK.
It is also possible to use an hourly credit to get started. The price of this credit is 5000 CZK / 20 hours.
When subscribing 100 days or more in 5 months the price will drop to 880 CZK per day.