Preparatory year

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Preparatory year

The educational program of this group is intended for children who start primary school the following school year, as well as for gifted children who are expected to start earlier or with delayed children (5-7 years).


- comprehensive educational program
- native English speaking speaker
- preschool club twice a week 1 hour
- personal consultation on the selection of a suitable school
- work with interactive whiteboard
- school maturity test
- pupil's portfolio
- visits of cooperating primary schools
- workbooks and sheets
- speech therapy prevention
- Meals
- insurance

The preschooler's club is most often divided into blocks, each of which lasts 20-25 minutes. Within them, we practice skills in the field of fine motor skills, visual and auditory perception, attention and memory, thinking and numerical relationships, school readiness in general. Emphasis is placed on the pre-reading period of the initial reading, where we draw on the methodology of flowing reading SFUMATO. By flowing reading, we teach children proper eye movement, thus preventing developmental disorders, especially dyslexia. We develop pre-mathematical thinking by the HEJNÝ method.

Teaching takes place in a specially adapted classroom with an interactive whiteboard.

This club can be visited by external interested parties for CZK 3,200 / semester.

General goals and benefits of our preschool education system:

Pupils are proud to go to school, which makes it easier for them to understand and learn important habits, rules, ways of working in school.

It is easy to recognize school maturity, so we can responsibly recommend even able-bodied children who are younger to enroll, or recommend a postponement to those for whom it will be an advantage to wait another year.

Upon entering school, pupils already know the school environment, know what is expected of them, have basic knowledge of reading, writing, numbers, and therefore do not experience the stress associated with the transition from kindergarten to school, and at the same time can progress faster than usual.