Preparatory year

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Preparatory year

Preschool preparation is for children who will attend elementary school the following year or for child who qualify for gifted educational services.

Teaching is divided into 20-25 minute blocks and focuses on skills such as fine motor, visual and auditory perception, attention and memory, numeracy and school readiness in general. Emphasis is placed on the confluent reading method, and tracing with eyes to avoid possible disorders such as dyslexia.

Part of the preschool preparation is individual consultation concerning a suitable primary school, primary school test preparation, and school visits. Each child also has their own developmental portfolio.

General advantages and objectives of Preschool Preparation:

Pupils are proud to go to school, learning comes more naturally, and they are able to learn the importance of habits and rules in the school system.

Preschool preparation allows us to easily recognize school readiness, and offer consultation as to whether students should wait a year before attending primary school. 

When students are familiar with the school process it makes the transition process to primary school stress free and natural. Students that have basic knowledge of reading and writing have the ability to move at a faster pace than normal.