School education program 2019/2020 "The Little Traveler"


School education program 2019/2020 "The Little Traveler"

Characteristics of the education program:

The motivational name of the schools' education program The Little Traveler suggests a focus of the program on discovering, researching, and obtaining new information. Through magic spell and a magic carpet, we explore the world. Are we all the same? Do we speak the same language? Do we eat the same food? We're going to be looking for answers to all of this and a lot more. Children will meet all sorts of animals and inhabitants of other countries, gain awareness of planet Earth, perceive the differences of life on different continents, and also learn how and why they should protect our planet. Continents will be intertwined in all areas of the educational process.

Integrated block:

How it goes with us! 

 Characterization IB: The main purpose of this IB is to have a pleasant and safe coexistence in our kindergarten. What is important for us is that children in the MIP feel comfortable and have confidence in the environment, friends, and educators, so there will be room in early September for gradual adaptation of newly arrived children and introductions to others. It will all take place non-violently, in the form of a game. We will make sure that greetings and thanks, as basic words, are taken for granted. We'll get to know the school rules the children will be involved in and the normal kindergarten day scheme. Children will continue to learn responsibilities for themselves and for their things. So we will also be concerned with safety and health, with which the "Bear Hospital" project will help us with. It will also not neglect familiarity with the rules of safe operation and movement outside our MIP, which children will be able to experience in practice not only on routine walks but also on the traffic course as part of the "Cycle of the Week." As part of the spread of awareness about our country, we will also be dedicated to national holidays - 28. 9 and 28. 10.

How it goes with you? 

Characteristics of IB: In this integrated block, we will focus (in general terms - in particular, it will be elaborated on individual continents) primarily on the differences of life with us and elsewhere in the world. We will focus on multicultural education, where children will learn to compare matches and differences between cultures when they will take diversity for granted and have an understanding of it. They will learn values such as human rights, equality of all people, solidarity with and respect for the disadvantaged. They get an insight into a way of life different from theirs. 

They get to know foreign cuisine as well as what others on our planet live in. We will also go on to address why we are not all speaking the same language. Nor will we ignore the differences in holidays and traditions where we talk about how used we are to spending Christmas in Bohemia and how it is celebrated in other countries. As part of the regular Friday screening, when we dress solemnly and have the opportunity to "buy" tickets and snacks at the box office, we will also pursue traditional fairy tales that are linked to this period. Typical carols will also be on the agenda. We will make Christmas time more enjoyable by sitting with our parents, where there will be a taste of a variety of traditional dishes and also visit the Theatre In the Long, specifically the performance of "How I Lost Or A Little Christmas Story." 

We will also be attending holidays such as Halloween and Día de Los Muertos. In this IB, in motion activities, we focus on basic movement skills (non-locomotive, locomotive, manipulation) primarily by means of motion games, where we will individually determine at what level the children are at. We will focus primarily on the right walking and running technique, which are the movements that are most natural to children of this age.

How it goes in the world.

Characteristics of IB:  In this IB, we embark on a journey across continents. For each one, we will attend to local residents -- what they look like, what they eat, what they dress, where they live. Furthermore, we will also always talk about fauna and flora, and we will not forget the weather that prevails on a given continent. The main link between the different integrated blocks will be what route we take to the chosen continent. We will move using a magic carpet that, using our magic spell, will transform into a variety of vehicles from bus, car, train to a ship or a plane. Children will thus develop not only fantasy and imagination but also critical thinking because they will have to decide what means will be the most appropriate for our current journey.