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Children who graduate from Monty can communicate their basic needs, wants and desires. Children developed their own unique personalities, are relatively independent and capable of dealing with everyday home and school situations. Graduates attend the most prestigious schools in Prague such as PBS-The Prague British School, New PORG, Open Gate High School and Elementary School, Wonderland Academy, Angelova Elementary School-a bilingual program, and Filosofska Elementary School.

Children and parents will always be remembered and remember Monty and feel a part of a lasting community.

"Teri, what comes to mind when you think of Monty Children."
Teri, "I am a Monty child."

Parents: “Tereza is in second grade, but stills talks and thinks about Monty fondly. To her Monty is a second family. She started at Monty when she was three years. She was a quiet, shy, young girl and left Monty as a confident girl who had mastered basic writing practices. She also frequently recites songs and poems in English. The school is ran absolutely wonderfully and the nursery is always prepared for children in the morning. Our timid young girl matured into a confident child who will succeed in today’s society, and for that we thank you, Monty.”


Michael, "What do you think of when you hear Monty?" "Wonderful garden, toys and teachers."|

Parents: "Michal was the most enthusiastic of all the children. He really enjoyed the garden, surrounding areas, the field trips, and the weeklong trip to the countryside farm.

"Eric what do you most remember from Kindergarten?" Eric, "The feelings of peace, and laughter.

Parents: "Monty has an amazing empathetic team of professionals who provide a warm approach to children, and treat my child as if he were their own. It was if my child was visiting an aunt or grandmother at a country side cottage. The warm atmosphere and friendliness really provide an excellent learning environment.